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NMSResources Infographics

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Harmonic Camps are an Abandoned Encampment containing a locked Sentinel Multitool Cabinet, Harmonic Scrap Wheelbarrows, an Autophage head & a Terminal.

The tool cabinet can be unlocked by solving a simple puzzle at the terminal. Doing so for the first time will also unlock the Aeron Turbojet Backpack.

These camps can be found with Echo Locators.

Autophage Campsites are small hidden encampments, requiring use of either a Scan Harmoniser or Polyphonic Core to reveal. The Core can also find the locations of these camps, but needs to be charged with Atlantideum

Camps typically occur around existing points of interest including Crashed Freighters, Drop Pods, Damaged Machinery or Beacons.

They contain 2-10 Autophage NPCs, Harmonic Scrap Wheelbarrows, an Autophage Synthesis Terminal which sells Autophage Upgrades, Autophage Cutomisation options for the Appearance Modifier & Multi-Staff Parts in exchange for Void Motes.

Speak with NPCs to earn language words, reputation points & do simple missions for Void Motes.



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