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In order to hire a frigate the player must travel close to the frigate's position and, once the frigate captain is open for communication, use their intercom (via quick menu) to talk to the captain and choose the option to hire their services. Not all frigates that spawn are available for purchase.

The fleet can have a maximum of 30 frigates. You can dismiss unwanted frigates using the middle mouse button on PC, or holding the left analogue stick on consoles.

Combat Specialist - Can assist the player during space combat by warping  nearby and sending out friendly sentinel ships.

Exploration Specialist - Can activate its Artifact Scanner to find the location of an Ancient Ruin in the current system.

Industrial Specialist - Produces 2 Magnetised Ferrite every 30 secs up to 100 Magnetised Ferrite after 25 minutes. Land on frigate to collect.

Trade Specialist - Produces 2 Chromatic Metal every 30 secs up to 100 Chromatic Metal after 25 minutes. Land on frigate to collect. 

Support Specialist - Produces 2 Condensed Carbon every 30 secs up to 100 Condensed Carbon after 25 minutes. Land on frigate to collect. Specializes in fuel supply instead of abilities. Useful on shorter expeditions to conserve fuel or small  improvement of fleet strength in all areas without increasing fuel requirements. 



Game files clearly show that each expedition throws in encounters that are NOT of the same type as the mission, there will always be at least one of these. For this reason, try not to leave any of the 4 stats too low on the fleet selection screen.

Each encounter is shown by a line of dialogue when you debrief. Longer missions have more encounters. Each encounter, if successful, awards loot based on how many frigates are on the expedition (take more frigates to carry more loot back).

If unsuccessful, each encounter has a chance to damage one or more of your frigates, and/or make them develop a negative trait.

Balanced Missions return loot from any & all of the other 4 loot tables.

Including an Organic Frigate in your expedition can result in it bringing back tech, upgrades or storage slots for your Living Ships.



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