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No Man's Sky is a wonderful game that HelloGames have provided many massive (free) updates for. As a result, the information on the internet is mostly outdated & unhelpful, even on the wiki, which I heavily contribute to. This leads to a great deal of confusion in the player base & lots of the game's mechanics being overlooked.
No Man's Sky Resources is a constantly updated website that is a guide to all the ins & outs of playing No Man's Sky, which aren't always well explained well within game.

Work through the tabs on the left, including their sub-tabs. They are listed in the order that you are likely to encounter them in-game.
Should you be looking for something specific, click the relevant icon below.

The aim here is to make things known without having essays worth of info to read.

Where possible I use pictures instead of writing. Visual aids > Essays

I have over 7000 hours of game-play in No Man's Sky and understanding of the code.

All information on this site has been fact-checked by HelloGames.

This is a positive community & I expect you all to stay positive, happy & nice to each other on this website.

This website evolved from the still running Resources page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NMSResources/learning_content/

My friend code for if you want to add me: BTDG-ZFGD-XZ4YW.