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The universe of No Man's Sky is populated by more than 18 quintillion procedurally-generated planets (18,446,744,073,709,551,616 or 2^64 to be exact) of many sizes, colours, and biomes. Each planet orbits a star, creating a cycle of day and night. Each star system has up to 6 planets or moons.


The first player to discover the planet gets one chance to choose to rename it before uploading the information, as well as the same for plants & animals (Flora & Fauna) from the planet. Names will go through a standard profanity filter before allowing upload.


Each planet you visit is different from every other planet; but you will notice similarities. There are 24 main categories of planets, 13 of which have 10 different sub-categories, indicated by their biome names, as seen below. These different sub-categories follow different procedural generation rules to each other. The 11 exotic (weird) style planets have 3 variations each, instead of 10. This brings the total to 160 different types of planet. Any two planets of the same sub-type can turn out to be drastically different to each other, due to the procedural generation element of the game.



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