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NMSResources Infographics

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Power, or electrical power, is a resource that certain base building products require to function.
In game, power amount is measured in units called kP, while power production and consumption is measured in kP per second, abbreviated as kPs.
Devices that generate and consume power can be connected together with Electrical Wiring, forming a power grid.
All base items, whether they need power or not, will consume energy from one wire as long as all objects are connected. This means that, as long as your whole base is connected by objects that stick to each other, you only need one wire to run into the entire building. Placing a generator without connecting it to any wiring will not supply power to the grid.
Note that the visual lines indicating power connections can be hidden by installing an Electrical Cloaking Unit.


Electromagnetic generators placed on a hotspot are by far the most efficient source of energy.

Failing that, 2 solar panels & 1 battery will provide exactly enough energy for 50 kP. These will work only during the day. They can be placed underwater, in caves & inside buildings (and can lock into set positions in prefabs).
Bio-fuel reactors should only be used on the one occasion that the story demands it. They are a complete waste of large amounts of resources.


The game has a variety of switches that allow you to supply & disconnect power if certain conditions are met, for example a proximity switch making things turn on as you approach.
Wires & pipes count as a base part, so make them stretch as far as you can & keep the amount of them to a minimum. Many base parts automatically share power with anything attached to them, so you shouldn't need too many wires. This is true of all prefab & cuboid parts, which also power anything placed inside them.



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