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Quicksilver is the premium currency of No Man's Sky.


It is awarded from Nada at various points in the Artemis Path story-line, as a bonus for keeping them updated on what is happening in the story.

It is also awarded to players for doing missions from the Nexus, a community mission cube. These missions can be completed solo or in groups of up to four players. The Nexus offers a 400qs mission per day; which stack up to three, should you miss days. It also offers a weekend mission that awards 1800qs on completion. These missions also sometimes have implications in the story.

QS can be earned by playing Expedition Mode. As quicksilver purchases are shared across saves, a player can unlock a quicksilver item in an expedition & it'll be claimable on other saves too.


Finally, Quicksilver can be found from Condensed Stellar Ice, a Space Encounter while using pulse drive; or found on Derelict Freighters.


Quicksilver can be spent by talking to the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion, who resides in the Space Anomaly. They sell a great range of cosmetic items, ranging from blueprints for parts for your bases, to banners for your character bio, armours & visages for your character appearance & technologies for your ship.

The ship technologies (trails & bobble-heads) provide small boosts to the ship's stats.

The companion also offers fireworks (one-time use item) & Void Eggs (to start a mission to get a living ship).



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