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The Guild Envoy is a stall located inside space stations next to the Mission Board stall. It allows players to receive free rewards in some of the star system's specific guild.
The player can only receive the reward once they have achieved a minimum level of standing in the guild.
If this is the first time the envoy has been encountered, they will also offer a mission which will improve the player's rank by 5 points, making it very worthwhile.


Missions from the Mission Board are locked until certain levels of standing are reached.

Many of the missions available at the Space station Mission Board actually stack with each other, allowing you to complete many of them by completing just the one.
For example, killing 18 fauna will complete all missions that ask you to kill less than 18 fauna.

Notes on Standing:
- To gain access to all of the missions, you may need to raise your standing with each faction.
- You can do so by giving gifts to NPCs and by completing the missions you already have access to. Most missions reward +1 to standing, though some higher ranking missions reward +2. Missions from the guild envoy award +5 to standing.
- You lose 1 standing if you cancel a delivery mission.
- Mission requirements are (Mission Rank/Standing Needed):
     1/3     2/8     3/14     4/21     5/30     6/40     7/60     8/100



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