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Colossal Archive

Cartographer Map - Commercial Cartographic Data (Inhabited Outpost)

A type of habitable outpost with a series of multiple physical Landing Pads, and a range of different terminal and NPC interaction possibilities.

Contents Of Building:


Additional Information:

  • Multiple NPC lifeforms who may interact with the player in a similar manner as those in a Trading Post.

  • A Guild Envoy who functions similar to an envoy on a Space Station.

  • A Local Information Repository terminal which, when interacted with, grants a Planetary Chart (Ancient Artifact Site) for 15 nanites.

  • A Technology Merchant who also sells goods not sold by other merchants (such as Antimatter Housing and Drop Pod Coordinate Data)

  • A Galactic Trade Terminal which, like terminals at Trading Posts, offers superior prices for marketed tradeables compared to terminals on space stations.

  • Six landing pads which can be visited by NPC or human travellers similar to a Trading Post.

  • 3-6 Artifact Exchange Vaults (on the skywalk and at ground level) which allows the operator to exchange an artifact for one of potentially higher or equivalent value.

  • A Celestial Archive terminal providing race-specific lore. Requires some knowledge of the race language to operate.

  • It can be discovered by using Planetary Chart (Inhabited Outpost).