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NMSResources Infographics

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There are many points of interest on planets that are not of the building variety.

For each of these in the top half of the below picture, some planets may spawn them in abundance, while others barely feature them, or don't have them at all.

Everything from 'cargo drop' & below, appear on all planets that are not classified as 'dead'.

There are a variety of items that are considered to be rare & are used for upgrading technologies.

These items can be found in curious deposits & floating crystals, or in cargo drops, or in caves, or on the planet's surface.

There are also treasure items that sell for large amounts; varying depending on their age. These items are usually dug up.

See the guides & video below for an idea of what to look out for.


Your compass is located at the top of the HUD. It will highlight nearby points of interest and mission objectives.


Use the Analysis Visor to identify and pinpoint planetary objects. Identified points of interest can be pinned to the Exosuit HUD with [Key E] for ease of navigation.

Learn how to make Beacons from the Base Scientist. Beacons can be placed anywere using [Key Z] and will be marked on your compass.

The Signal Booster can be constructed to search for neraby points of interest.


The Cartographer on Space Stations will supply Planetary Charts for specific buildings,

Collect Navigation Data from the beacons outside planetary buildings, and from modules inside buildings.

Exchange data with the Cartographer.

Some points of interest, like your ship and base will always be tracked.

In space or atmospheric flight, follow the trails left by other ships to locate planetary trading posts.



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