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Cyclotron Ballista



Starship - Weapons


Anti-Electronics Starship Weapon

Free / 150 Nanites

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A powerful ship-to-ship weapon, flinging plasmatic balls of ionising radiation towards the selected target. These projectiles can disable starship engines, leaving the target vulnerable to attack from other weapons.

BACKGROUND - Purple Black - Upside Down.png

Recharge With:

Disable Enemy Engines



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Additional Info:

Release History:

If the upgrades are applied properly, this weapon becomes powerful enough to take out a freighter with one or two shots Cyclotron Ballista's heat status is not properly displayed in the HUD --- the bar that normally shows heat status does not fill up while firing, but the white sliver at its right end turns red when the weapon is close to overheating. Cyclotron Ballista has a typical range for a starship weapon, having the ability to hit targets from up to 1500 distance units (1500u) away (for reference, fugitive pirate ships will attack the player if they get within 1500u). By default, the weapon fires two shots simultaneously at a rate of ~3.33 volleys per second and can fire 4 volleys before overheating (though the overheat gauge does not display), resulting in a time to overheat of ~0.9 seconds, Upon overheating, Cyclotron Ballista takes ~1.6 seconds by default to recover from overheating. Cyclotron Ballista deals 700 base damage with a full volley to the following targets: fauna, starships, Space Fleets, and destructible obstacles such as Reinforced Doors (Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centres). Against starships in particular, the starship weapon deals 2x damage to the rear (resulting in 1400 effective base damage per volley). Cyclotron Ballista deals 140 base damage with a full volley to all planetary Sentinels. When used to harvest a planet's flora and minerals, Cyclotron Ballista has a base mining power of 140 for each 2-shot volley.

1.2 Pathfinder - added as a technology.

1.5 NEXT - Dyson Pump and procedurally generated Cyclotron Ballista Upgrades added, while Sigma/Tau/Theta upgrades removed. Blueprint changed, formerly used Nickel and Platinum.

2.0 Beyond - Blueprint changed, formerly used Technology Module instead of Wiring Loom

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