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Rocket Launcher



Starship - Weapons


Long Range Starship Weapon


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Rocket Launcher is a weapons technology for the starship which allows the simultaneous launch of three rockets at enemy ships during dogfights or space battles with pirates. They are not guided and require manually leading your target at longer ranges. To make up for its disadvantage they deal an accumulated damage of 3000 in one attack to all targets in their collective splash radius, making it particularly useful for dealing with clusters of pirates heading towards you. After launching its rockets the weapon needs to cool down before it can be used again.

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Recharge With:



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Additional Info:

Release History:

The Rocket Launcher is pre-installed in the starter ship Radiant Pillar BC1 when starting the game. Rocket Launcher has the longest range of any starship weapon, having the ability to hit targets from up to 5000 distance units (5000u) away (for reference, fugitive pirate ships will attack the player if they get within 1500u). After firing a volley of 3 rockets which deal splash damage on impact (targets not directly hit take damage based on their distance from the explosion's center), the weapon takes 5 seconds by default to ready another volley. Rocket Launcher deals 3000 base damage on direct hits with a full volley to the following targets: fauna, starships, Space Fleets, and Reinforced Doors (Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centres). Against starships in particular, the starship weapon deals 4x damage to the rear (resulting in 12000 effective base damage). Rocket Launcher deals 600 base damage on direct hits with a full volley to all planetary Sentinels. Rocket Launcher's rockets prematurely despawn if they get within close proximity of a planet's flora and minerals, making them unsuitable for mining. In the circumstance that the rockets are able to hit these objects, they do so using a mining power of 600 for direct hits with a full volley.

1.3 Atlas Rises - Added as a technology.

1.5 NEXT - Large Rocket Tubes upgrade added. Blueprint changed, formerly used Nickel and Platinum.

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