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Found With:


A relic of an bygone civilization with buried treasures or ancient knowledge.

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Contents Of Building:


Additional Information:

There are 2 types of Ruins. Type 1 typically have 2 or 3 Knowledge Stones accompanied by a memoir device similar to the ones placed in front of a Plaque. The memoir includes partial lore that depends on which of the factions built the ruin. Interaction with the memoir device grants players a new word. The lore is continuous by faction; it will continue where the faction's last lore had been revealed.

Some ruins have the remains of a Gek statue, which can be a heritage from the domination period of the Gek First Spawn.

Type 2 instead has buried trasures & most of the structure will also be underground.

Each Ruin is unique but sometimes systems will present similar or identical ruins if systems are in close proximity to each other. Ruins come in different designs; some look like two-floor brick houses while others are similar to a mosque. Ruins provide:

Type 1 - Knowledge

  • Alien words (normally 2-3 word per Ruin; some Ruins will provide up to four words)

  • Increased standing with the faction depends which species wrote it after an interaction with the memoir device.

Type 2 - Treasure:

  • A chance of finding Artefact Fragments and Large Artefact Crate

A variant can also be found underwater. This type has 3 treasure boxes & an oily object that will award either a Trident Key for those boxes or a treasure of its own; depending on the player's choice while interacting with it.

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